#ETERNITY #NIGHT #CalvinKlein #CK #ETERNITYNIGHT #Fragrance #Cologne #Perfume

as darkness falls

the light slowly fades

an infinite promise of endless romance


serene     –     romantic     –     timeless


ETERNITY NIGHT Calvin Klein is a creamy floral inspired by the romantic aura of dusk. the scent opens with enticing top notes of pink pepper, elderberries and a touch of succulent quetsche. the heart is a luminous floral bouquet of frangipani mingled with the warm sweetness of wisteria and creamy nuances of jasmine sambac. the drydown of precious sandalwood, smooth tonka bean and enveloping musks lingers with a soft, sensuous air.

 top:      pink pepper, elderberries, quetsche

mid:     frangipani, wisteria, jasmine sambac

dry:      musks, sandalwood, tonka bean


rich     –     luxurious     –     classic

  securedownload (7)

ETERNITY NIGHT for men is a woody fougère that evokes the mysterious essence of nightfall – rich and dark, with a lingering impression. the scent captivates the intriguing freshness of coriander seed and vibrant plum, enhanced by wild brushstrokes of paprika. the aromatic heart is a seductive fusion of clary sage, violet and lavender that radiates a charismatic aura. a sensual drydown of warm sandalwood and clean vetiver creates a lasting impression that is irresistibly addictive.

 top:      coriander seed, paprika, plum

mid:     clary sage, violet leaf, lavender

dry:      vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood




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I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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2 Responses to #ETERNITY #NIGHT #CalvinKlein #CK #ETERNITYNIGHT #Fragrance #Cologne #Perfume

  1. Ayesha Rifath says:

    Love CK scents.Hope to get lucky with you.😘😘

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