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The household Soap (Marseille Soap)
Green Mud mask
White Mud mask or “Barouk”
The mask of Mud and Algae (Seaweed)
Mud shampoo
Jasmine oil
Argan  oil
eucalyptus oil

1/ The household soap (Marseille soap): is a traditional soap made from 72% of olive oil that has been made around MarseilleFrance. It feeds, nourishes the skin and hair roots, gives it a softer, helps to heal wounds and sores and gives it the strength and softness. Can be used daily for skin, face, body and hair as well as children skin, it is suitable for all ages and types of skins.

All these products with their natural compositions offers you the benefits of olive oil, they are manufactured according to the old method of Marseille and contains no dye.

2/ The green mud mask: intended for face and body. It is a creamy mask made ​​of green Clay for 3 types of skin (oily skin, normal skin, Dry skin).

 Mask rich in Vitamins, minerals, good for Dry, Oily, and Irritated Skin. Helps to remove grease, clears acne and freckles, prevents the appearance of dark spots, prevents and reduces wrinkles, lightens and gives smoothness to the skin.

3/ White mud mask or “Barouk”:white paste from mountains mainly for face and neck and suitable for all skin types. Barouk: miracle of nature is a white stone from the earth, rich in vitamins used from ancient times, especially for brides used after shower; it whitens, lightens and gives smoothness to the skin. In favor of the use of Green Mud mask before to get a great result.

4/ The mask of mud and algae (seaweed): This is an enveloping creamy mixture of green clay and Mediterranean seaweed extracts. It is a relaxation mask for the entire body and all types of skin.

  • It renews cells ,gives freshness and luster to the body ,helps a lot in getting rid of cellulite as it helps blood flow and penetrates into the skin ,it gives relaxation and vitality to the body as the Algae removes grease and dirt, opens, activates, tights the skin and fights signs of aging.

 5/ Mud shampoo: it is made ​​of black clay and olive oil. Mud shampoo helps to  stop hair loss, strengthens and feeds the scalp with its effective formula to remove grease, dirt and dandruff, gives a great brighter look.

Suits of all types of hair .

   *** These all products are made from natural clay and contain no colorant

 6/ Natural Oils

Natural Oils for hair & body: Argan Oil, Jasmine and Eucalyptus

***Argan Oil: using as a bath Oil 20 minutes before shampoo, nourishing the hair and scalp as well as can be used for a full body massage and nail.
***Eucalyptus Oil: used topically for the expulsion of gases, also recommended to massage the muscles and joints to relieve aches.
***Jasmine Oil: use of full body massage helps to relax, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

 * Finally we would like to draw your attention that all of our products have passed all tests and analyzes required and all our products are registered and certified by the Dubai Municipality.

 * We hope to get an appointment with you in order to show you our products and discuss with you the formalities of a possible collaboration between our two companies we are waiting for your reply we remain at your entire disposal for any additional information.

 Best regards,

Lamia chmissi

Lamia-asit@live.com     skype:lamoussti2

0502231090  /   0558766268


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