MY #LIPS! #Review on #LipAugmentation at @DubaiWellbeing #DubaiWellbeing in #Dubai #MyDubai

MY #LIPS! #Review on #LipAugmentation at @DubaiWellbeing #DubaiWellbeing in #Dubai #MyDubai

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Yesterday I saw this women with huge lips and she just kept pushing and pouting them out. It really did not look good at all. This is why people have a misconception about these things, because there are over-doers, addicts and anything of something that is too much, is just too much! Regardless of what is it…

I didn’t really get a lipjob, I got more of a natural filler because my lips had lines in them olike I am 30 years older and that’s do to always giving the duckface since I can remember! My advice, stop doing that! As I looked back on all my photos when I was younger, the kissey face was my trademark. That being said, it wasn’t worth trying to look cute. So, I got a filler a few days back.


I am absolutely impressed! I LOVE the results. Not because I have my lips done, but because my upper lip is more contoured now and I don’t have to stretch my lips in order to put liner or lipstick on. Only my upper lip was touched.

This is why lip augmentation is great and no you don’t look like you just got stung by a bee in both lips.

I have seen 3 other girls in Dubai with a Lip Aug. and all of them look really nice! Again the only time you should worry about these type of treatments to look silly on you is when you over do it or get addicted. Too much of something is never a good thing.

If you have any questions at all about this treatment, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre. I have gone for many services at this location, not just beauty related, and their service is just genuinely friendly. They have great staff there and you will feel like home. Give them a call at 04 348 4406

Wellbeing Medical Centre is modern villa in Jumeirah 3, next to Choithram Supermarket, and just a few minutes away from Interchange 3 on Sheikh Zayed Road.










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  1. neenz87 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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