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I recently made a trip over to Miral Beauty Salon, the one where I currently have Sharjah Salon Giveaways on. Firstly, I need to start with how genuinely impressed I was with this salon. I walked in and the atmosphere was really outgoing, friendly, the staff was amazing – and I am not exaggerating at all. I loved that the staff made you laugh, I loved that it was full of ethnicity and I loved that they were all thoroughly enjoying the work they do. I have been to many salons in Sharjah and you can just tell right away when staff is not happy, underpaid and basically treated cruelly. That wasn’t the case here. Everyone was happy and when customers were complete with their services, they didn’t leave! They stuck around and had an enjoyable time. They are beyond friendly. Right away you make friends there and it honestly felt like you have been friends with them for a very long time. Just because of this simple hospitality, I want to return. And I will!

Next on the list of compliments, the salon is beautiful on the inside, it’s large and it’s super fancy like Dubai salon material.

Although one minor negative thought, is that it’s at Lagoon tower. I don’t know this area that well, but from an outsiders point of view, it’s not too much in the city. They mostly cater to the people in that building, so if you don’t live there, I am sure you wouldn’t really know about this salon. My honest opinion is that you need to check this salon out, even if it mean’s taxiing from your home across Sharjah. It’s honest to God worth it! You won’t want to leave! It’s just simply FUN. If you’re stressed about anything, head on down there. They will ease your mind and spread joy in your hearts. I had an amazing time.

Now, onto the actual service.

I had 3 girls do my hair. It was quite fun getting to know everyone. Time flew by.
I requested blonde and although my Instagram feed showed some negative comments, I would like to point out that the lighting wasn’t all the greatest for an after shot and I took some when I got home:
10885184_335334553339220_8885837939567208772_n 10885397_335334636672545_5219458531820770591_n

So, there you have it. I am a golden blonde now and they didn’t have to bleach my hair to get there. I also very much loved my hair style!

They are generous people with their love and service that they even topped me up with a bit of makeup to do an after photo.

They are sweet, kind and very loving. They are also a ton of fun! Be prepared to laugh while you are there.

Another drawback is that they may be busy, but they don’t leave you out and they make you feel like apart of the crowd – so if you have to wait a bit, your time there will not be unpleasant.

10 out of 10, 100% up to par and a definite 5 star!

Check out their Facebook here.
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Win 6 treatments here – 3 winners!
Don’t want to wait? Give them a call here: 06 554 8740
Location here.



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