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Apologies in advance for the photos of my dishes. The lighting is very dim at Centro Sharjah‘s restaurant.

I had a lovely time on Christmas Eve at Centro Sharjah. We actually went on BBQ themed night, but it still had a touch of Christmas spirit. The hotel is gorgeous (in the lobby anyways 😛 ) and the restaurant was fabulous. Everything tasted up to par! I loved that they had turkey. I haven’t had turkey in 3 years, so I really had a taste of home this Christmas.

If you live in Sharjah or potentially using the Sharjah airport, it’s a must that you head on over to Centro Sharjah! The interior is gorgeous and the staff is very friendly.

I also want to apologize for the overdo review. My computer has crashed on me again and wanted to let you all know about their New Years Eve night. unfortunately I have missed it, however there will be more amazing nights to look forward to at Centro Sharjah. Additionally, they hold some fun contests on their page from time to time, click here to like them on Facebook.

-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
Overall I was pleased with everything. The desserts were a pretty sight to see. (Pictures above.)

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
Average hotel costs, but not too steep.

Dim lighting, romantic scenery. Although you can go with a group for a relaxing dinner as well.

Impeccable. What service should be like!

 -What to order:
It’s a buffet – eat it all!

What I loved:
The fact that it was Christmas and they had turkey, was plenty enough for me to call it a home away from home.

I recommend this location for a romantic dinner whilst traveling with your companion or a simple relaxing dinner with your friends/family. It’s very calming.

For more information, call 06 508 8000.
To see their location, click here.

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