#Review at @DubaiWellbeing for #UltraSoundCavitation (fat removal) in #Dubai #MyDubai

I am so thankful to have reviewed these services! This machine (combined with 2 other machines..reviews coming soon on them next) has really removed my HARD fat in my thighs and I couldn’t be more impressed. I have the blues…the Facebook bump blues. I am constantly sitting at my desk working away and my thighs just took a tole on it over the past 2 years. This Ultra Sound Cavitatation was basically ultrasonic waves to remove the hard fat deep within – and that it did!! My thighs have become looser and much easier to remove. For example, I have gone on the treadmill about 3 times since I started..(I know-shush LOL) and I see a difference in my legs already!! This apparently removes the fatty chunks stuck together, so it can easily be removed. Here’s another example. Having a hard time losing weight? Nothing seems to be working? I now know why! You have to remove that hard fat so that your body can easily remove it on it’s own. Don’t forget to spike up your metabolism. There are things you can purchase at pharmacies for that. I would say about 3 sessions, you notice a difference and as funnily as this sounds, I can now poke my finger right through my fat to my bones on my thighs. Now it’s easier to run, easier to burn off and easier for my body to do it’s own natural healings. Just make sure you pump up your metabolism if you’re as lazy as me! LOL

I am personally so happy I did these treatments, followed by 2 more treatments for my thighs (coming up next!)

If you have any questions at all about this treatment, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre. I have gone for many services at this location, not just beauty related, and their service is just genuinely friendly. They have great staff there and you will feel like home. Give them a call at 04 348 4406


Wellbeing Medical Centre is modern villa in Jumeirah 3, next to Choithram Supermarket, and just a few minutes away from Interchange 3 on Sheikh Zayed Road.



About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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