#DubaiGiveaway with #GlamboxME #GlamboxME open to ALL of #UAE & #SaudiArabia

GlamBox Wrapped

The winning is back with #GlamboxME!

3 winners will win
Grand Prize: 6 month subscription
2 Runner-up prizes of December Glamboxes only
All prizes will be delivered free of charge to Saudi Arabia as well.

All you have to do is enter my rafflecopter giveaway!

Don’t forget to….

Don’t want to wait? Subscribe heresassysallysignature


About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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5 Responses to #DubaiGiveaway with #GlamboxME #GlamboxME open to ALL of #UAE & #SaudiArabia

  1. Sassy Sally says:

    Reblogged this on The Beauty Room Dubai and commented:

    Giveaway with Glambox.me and Sassy Sally!

  2. Nikheta Nainani says:


  3. Lydia Lobo says:

    Amazing products

  4. Shilpa Jain says:

    Will I be lucky in 2015? hope to be.

  5. maryam says:

    Hope to b lucky 🙂 to have it

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