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I am sooooooo in love with this new brand!!!! 11/12 for me! Although, I would have to say 11.5/12…here’s why:

You can’t really turn down makeup, unless it’s extremely bad. For example, a lipstick color would go on more clear than the the actual color, or a nail polish is super streaky, or let’s say a really bad mascara. So, really, us women can’t turn down makeup unless it’s 100% shyttie!

Let’s start with the top:

The foundation: OhMyGoossh. It’s not that often I find a gorgeous coverup and this one is 100% flawless. It fully covers your blemishes and flaws, but doesn’t leave an overly exaggerating makeup look or oil-y look in the end. This one was 100% 10 out of 10 for me.

The illuminizer: This is a 9/10 for me. I do use it on a daily, I actually use it more for a setting of the foundation and use more on my highlighted areas, under contour, under eyes, middle forehead and down my nose. The reason it’s not getting a 10/10 is not because it’s a great product, it’s only because I dislike that the shimmer disapears after the first layer. It totally tricks you! LOL It’s a MATTE highlighter and not a shimmer highlighter. (Most brands do this often, it’s not just with Glam Gals.

Duo Lipgloss: LOVE! It’s soooo glossy! you will feel like you just got your lips plumped up 😉

Primer: Ahh! I think I am going to finish this bottle before I even blink. I absolutely love how it fills my pores up. It definitely goes by what it says on the bottle: PORE MINIMIZING ZERO PORES! If you need a primer – invest in this one!!

Liquid metal eyeshadow: I have used this only once as it’s really dark and is perfect for a night time look. This shadow is more of a clay than liquid-y and it’s super intense! I wonder what the other colors look like on 😛

Nail polish: You’re going to kill me. I have not used yet! I will try right now…as I am typing this out xo
I am not so much a blue nail polish type of girl, but I think it’s really cute! It goes on nicely and even the way the bottle is set up that there is sparkles on the other end, I absolutely love it! It’s  a very cute design – just wish I had pink! 😛

Blue eyeliner: This eyeliner goes on and STAYS ON. It’s matte, too. But, again, blue is not my color 😦 However, it’s really good quality and it’s always fun to add to your collection 😀 I think I will be getting more shades in this liner. I believe you can even use it for an eyeshadow, too!

Mascara: I am not the fondest about this mascara, however, I still use it! You want to know where? On my eyebrows! It’s a win/win for my brows. It doesn’t come off clumping or anything like that, it’s superb for your brows, but as for your lashes, it’s more of a base mascara…for me anyways.

Pink & maroon lipsticks: Well, a girl can never have too many lipsticks LOL and colors and shades…it’s a woman’s perfect added touch – to any outfit! Love them both, they are just full of color xx

Last but not least, my 2 fav palettes from Glam Gals!!

Concealer palette: I use the lightest shade on a daily, for covering my blemishes and hiding my redness. It’s a really great palette…well concealer…I am sure the other colors are great, but I have not had the time to do a full contour session- but if it’s as good as the concealer – you seriously can’t go wrong!

DUPE ALERT!!!! This eyeshadow palette is exactly like …you know which brand! It’s ultimately fabulous and I just love the blending brush – gotta make sure you blend! The colors aren’t as pigmented, but they are still a gorgeous naked look…natural…you know what I mean 😉 You women will know what I am talking about 😛

Well, there you have it. Glam Gals Cosmetics! I am so glad I got to review these products They are super gorgeous pieces – love love love!!! J’ADORE BABY!





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