12 WINNERS! @GlamGalsMakeup #GlamGalsCosmetics #GlamGalsMakeup #SassySallys2ndXmasGiveaways

WINNERS! You have until January 15th to claim your prizes xox

to all winners

Sunday – Day 1 – Winner is: @BronaDXB from Twitter!
Monday – Day 2 – Winner is: Smiriti Kukreja from Facebook!
Tuesday – Day 3 – Winner is: @Selro123 from Instagram!
Wednesday – Day 4 – Winner is: Nesrin Omarain from my blog!
Thursday – Day 5 – Winner is: @iamMargarete from Twitter!
Friday – Day 6 – Winner is: @Nafisa.s
Saturday – Day 7  – Winner is: Lalaine Bernardo Calolo
Sunday – Day 8 – Winner is: @felicity.guilianna
Monday – Day 9 – Winner is: Karen Cowling
Tuesday – Day 10 – Winner is: Sarah Alizenhom
Wednesday – Day 11 – Winner is: Sara Hammade
Thursday – Day 12 – Winner is: @aishaimran7

(Please click on the photos for larger views.)

1)Lipstick Matte (DAY 1)
Here is a lipstick saturated with pigments for an intense result. It will suit your everyday mood. Natural and sexy, the Lipstick matt lasts all day and leaves your lips soft and moisturized. Glides on easily, is smudge proof and its smooth texture provides that much desired fashionable look! Its Long stay and Kiss proof formula is a clear winner .With a Matte finish and enriched with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E it’s available in 24 irresistible shades.
lipstick matt
RSP : Dhms 35

2) Lipgloss Matte (DAY 2)
The Matte lipgloss provides spectacular and intense shine in spite of its matte finish . Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage. Glides on easily, is smudge proof and its smooth texture provides that much desired fashionable look! Its Long stay and Kiss proof formula is a clear winner .With a Matte finish and enriched with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E its available in 24 irresistible shades.
lipgloss matte3
RSP : Dhms 39

3)All Matte Primer (DAY 3)
Perfect, Weightless skin smoothing finish that simply blends into your skin. Sits like a second skin on your face smoothing out your complexion .Smoothens the skin out by minimizing the open pores .Its totally oil free makeup primer it can easily be blended with a foundation to enhance the mattifying properties of makeup.
all matt primer1
RSP : Dhms 55

4) Glide-on Eye Pencils (DAY 4)
Add color to your face with this instant face lifting , water proof and long lasting eye pencil .They are formulated to provide rich, consistent color. They are comfortable to apply and sharpen to a fine point to allow for a precise application. Eye Pencils can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect.
The eye pencils are Water-resistant ,Smooth & easy to Glide-on, with a Diamond finish and totally Long wearing .
glide on eyepencil blueglide on eyepencils
RSP : Dhms 32

5) Compact shine-on powder (DAY 5)
An essential glow-ifier, not unlike bronzers and highlighters, but much more subtle. When applied the right way, illuminating powder gives the complexion a lit-from-within, diffused glow . For Best results apply on bridge of the nose, cheekbones, a bit on the temples, forehead and center of the chin . With a very high Glam quotient you can’t shy away from this one in the festive season . Dazzle in the crowd with this electrifying product for face and body !
compact shine-on
RSP : Dhms 78

6) Liquid metal eye-shadow (DAY 6)
Glamgals Liquid metal eye-shadow creates metal eyes that mesmerize with Magnificent Metals Foil Finish, a striking cream-to-powder shadow with a multidimensional metallic finish.
Inspired by the runway, it’s a one-of-a-kind 4D formula is packed with rock-and-roll sparkle to achieve a variety of effects, from a light wash of shimmer to an opaque metallic finish. A must-have this festive season.
liquid metal eyeshadow
RSP : Dhms 45

7)Dual Lipgloss (DAY 7)
A revolutionary concept of lip gloss for those who wish to go matte or glossy.
For the morning keep it simple with the color and then for the evening dab that shine on.
A totally long stay formula with a High Pigment with Conditioning and moisturizing ingredients. Gives you a 3D diamond shine with a confidence to Pout away!
dual lipgloss red
RSP : Dhms 45

8)Long Stay Makeup Foundation (DAY 8)
A perfect coverage HD formula for a flawless complexion .Keeps skin well moisturized. Ideal camouflage for the skin …A silky base foundation with a rich texture for a comfortable and long lasting coverage .It comes with a Waterproof formula and Enriched with Vitamin E . Its available in 12 shades so you will definitely get yours!
liquid foundation
RSP: Dhms 56

9) Eyebrow mascara (DAY 9)
GlamGals Sculpting Brow Mascara will give your brows a sleek, structured look.The combination of cream and gel effortlessly defines and fills in the look of brows while controlling and shaping without flaking or fading. Totally easy to use, non messy, long stay & water proof, the makeup is incomplete without this star! Available in 3 natural black and brown shades.
eyebrow mascara
RSP: Dhms 48

10)12 color eye shadow palette (DAY 10)
Accentuate your eyes with this dramatic and brilliant powder.
These matte and diamond eye shadows are made of highly-pigmented pressed powder and comes in a variety of shades. It contains a special formula allowing it to be blended as desired. The result is intense and long-lasting. Stand out at each party with this array of colors to play with .Go wild and experiment with the matte and diamond looks. Now your eyes will dazzle as much as your sequences and diamonds!
RSP: Dhms 55

11)5 color contour/ concealer kit (DAY 11)
A multipurpose kit to minimizes skin’s imperfections and give you a natural and silky oil free texture .Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for covering dark spots and other skin blemishes and unifying the complexion, even when wearing light makeup. The natural shades are especially effective to hide dark circles or puffy eyes, pigment stains and scars.
Alternatively go like a pro to sculpt your face .5 light to dark shades to form the perfect contour .Define those cheekbones and jaw lines like a professional. Be your own sculptor with this multi-talented kit!
RSP : Dhms 48

12) Dual Nail Polish (DAY 12)
Punctuate your look with long-lasting color for perfectly polished fingers and toes. It’s the ultimate accessory for nails, day and night.
Go with the color or just for the glitter or both. One product – multiple results.
Its Long stay, Fast drying, high intense colors features make it very popular so get ready to fall in love with your nails!
dual nailpolish1
RSP: Dhms 35



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