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Yesterday, I thought I was going in for my average Fat Ultrasound Cavitation, but to my surprise,my doctor decided to give me another machine called the Velashape 2.


It’s basically like a vacuum suckage machine, although it felt like a really good massage!
It had a heating effect to it, which made it all the more better.

Velashape is to help treat cellulite and firm up. It contours the body and targets the fatty tissues deep within, your deep collagen, which starts to give appearance after 7-15 days. But, let me tell you – just after one session – I felt a difference! My thighs were so smooth and I can feel my cut in my leg higher than usual. So, it really shows a difference just after one session – the best part is – I still get to see results after a week or 2!

IMG_6145  IMG_6149

I was told to not sweat, see a steam/sauna room or go to the beach in 2 days. Apparently it has an infrared, which I am sorry that I don’t know the exact details on, but it’s safer to not sweat after the 2 days you use this machine. I am impressed with the results  and to be completely honest, I should be running because the ultrasound cavitation and this one, basically broke open my hard fat and is now loose, so it’s easier to burn off…and yes my doctor keeps telling me over and over again that I need to get off this computer and start running….or at least walking, but…you all know that I am super busy with giveaways this Christmas..and I also have BOXING DAY GIVEAWAYS, WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAYS AND SO MUCH MORE! That I am super behind…so I really cannot get off this computer…it’s all for you guys – so in the end – I am happy!

Back to Wellbeing! If you have any questions at all about this treatment, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre. I have gone for many services at this location, not just beauty related, and their service is just genuinely friendly. They have great staff there and you will feel like home. Give them a call at 04 348 4406


Wellbeing Medical Centre is modern villa in Jumeirah 3, next to Choithram Supermarket, and just a few minutes away from Interchange 3 on Sheikh Zayed Road.




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