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Well am I impressed!

Let’s start with the ‘before’. I have deep stretchmarks. I went from stick thin, to ‘baby got back’ and ‘my hips don’t lie’ in a year – only. I just got soo comfortable with my husband and exploded! Yikes! Then I worked that booty off and shrunk in just 8 weeks. This was about 4 years ago. Since then I just let my hips be and the stretch marks continued to get deeper as I lost weight. This is one of my embarrassing features, yet I am full on exposing them to the world! But, hey, we aren’t perfect – no one is right? Don’t bring up Kim K. it’s not real.


Anyways, I went for stretch mark removal at Dubai Wellbeing and OH EM GEE. Just after ONE SESSION my stretch marks aren’t so deep. Now, I am going to apologize ahead of time. I can’t show you a before and after pictures. It’s just…in areas that I don’t feel like showing. However, I am going to show you some cropped images that will give you an idea of how the procedure went. Because mine were so deep, I am going to return for another treatment – and then I will let you all know how and if they disappeared after 2 treatments.


After the first treatment though, they have drastically reduced. How I can tell is that, I didn’t get the inner of my thighs removed, so those are deep and you can rub across them and actually see and feel the indent. The outer of my thighs, that were worked on, are smooth with a slight indentation, but basically gone! The only thing now, is that you can see them just slightly, as they are whiter than my actual skin color.

The procedure, I’m not gonna lie, is a bit of a bugger. It’s like they are zapping your skin like a super strong microdermabraison (although, I have never had a microdermabraison!) it’s more like they are scraping/burning off the skin. So, yes it is a little uncomfortable, but the results would make you happy. You can wear a bikini without it showing excessively when you sit down or bend over, because the skin is actually more smoother now.

During the procedure, it kind of smells like burnt hair – what’s funny is that it smelt like the exact same thing during my LASIK eye surgery did too!

DSC07183 DSC07184 DSC07187

Here are some micro snaps of the procedure.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

If you want to book this treatment, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre. I have gone for many services at this location, not just beauty related, and their service is just genuinely friendly. They have great staff there and you will feel like home.

Give them a call at 04 348 4406




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