#DubaiSalon #Review – Undercover!

This is the second time in the 3 years that I have been really pleased with my nails! The nail technician at Visage Beauty Center is really good! I had a bit of a problem in the beginning & was lied to 3 times. Apparently they were hopping busy and couldn’t accept my Groupon voucher, but was dead when I came and the whole time…the staff is also great but ended up with a bill that I wasn’t expecting!! So, they do charge you for every little detail, beware. However the hairdresser/eyebrow specialist & nail technician are really good at what they do and you can tell they are passionate about their jobs. I was very pleased. Just don’t expect your bill to be something, it’ll be much higher. The work though, is great. I can’t complain. If you want a good job, expect to pay top $$$. But, you will walk out of there looking like a queen. (I guess I am comparing this to Sharjah salons, seeing as it’s 10 min walk from Sahara Centre.)

I don’t like using Groupon for service vouchers. Why? Because when you go in to use the voucher, they treat you like a non paying customer – when that is, in fact, not the truth. You should be treated wholesomely like any average customer. Although, when I went into the salon, they did treat me with respect, their customer service is great and you can tell that the owner and staff have a great relationship. I know I have gone into salons and the staff just hate their jobs because the owner is cruel to them. This is not the case here, everyone was loving and very kind!

In the beginning, I called 3 times to book and they gave me excuses every time!

1) I called on December 1st to book for the service. Their excuse was that it’s a holiday and that it’s too busy for them. The holiday that is stated on your voucher is Eid or public holidays NOT DECEMBER 1st. I let it slide thinking they would accept me later, and taking it into consideration, they could actually be busy for everyone getting prepared for UAE day the following day.

2) I called to book a 2nd time, the phone staff said the nail technician isn’t in and she doesn’t know when I can book with her.

3) Third time I called to come in that day. She said the nail technician has an off day. Then I said I will come in tomorrow because I have PAID for this and I want the service before it’s expired tomorrow. She left the phone, came back and said that the nail technician is fully booked all day. She cannot take anyone else.

Then I made a big deal. I said I am coming in on the 11th to get the service I paid for and she said that she cannot help me because the voucher will be expired then. I got upset and she took my number and said if there is any cancellations, I will call you.

This frustrated me, because it really seemed as if they did not want to accept me.

Luckily, they called me back after complaining on their social media (private message). They also told me to come in a 5 pm and to not show up a minute later because she is fully booked and the client after me will be waiting. I arrived at 4:30 pm and was there for quite sometime. I didn’t see anyone else come in. The only person I saw there was the owner getting her hair and nail extensions. Mind you, they are extremely nice people.

I went in there to ONLY get my nails done because of the service I had to deal with on the phone, but seeing as the interior and products and machines they use were all good quality, I wanted to stay for more. The honest truth, is that the outside of the salon doesn’t look to pleasing, but as the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” (and well their phone support! haha), you should always give something a chance.

This is the second nail artist in UAE that I give a full ‘hands down’ stamp of approval and 100% in the application process. I don’t like going into a nail review with telling them I am a Canadian certified nail technician, because I love to see them work without knowing that I know what’s going on. I analyze everything down to the way they apply the glue and nail tip. There is a way of doing it without letting bubbles happen and she did not let that happen for any fingernail. (Air bubbles in the glued nail application will result in lifting of your nails later on. Which will result in the nails not lasting long enough.) Her application of the gel is even more flawless and she was fast at her work and she did not wobble one bit.
Please do consider this salon for acrylic or gel nails. This artist has my approval and it’s extremely well worth it.

Now, next on the list. They had offered me a ton of services on the side, but I only accepted henna eyebrows/tinted brows. I thought my bill would be 30 dhs. But, it ended up being 75 dhs without my knowledge and that peeved me off a little bit. She threaded ONE of my eyebrows and I told her to stop because I didn’t like the pain. I was charged for a full threading without me asking for it. The henna on my eyebrows didn’t stick to my skin (I have half no hair on half my brows, but I had to pay for the full henna, which that is understandable, I didn’t mind that – but here is the worst part. I requested my nails to look like the owners nails and without my knowledge,  I was charge 6 and 8 dhs for each stone put on my nails. I got 10 stones. I was not aware I had to pay for them at all. Considering my PAID GROUPON voucher said I purchased a pedicure and even though I said I didn’t want the pedicure, they shouldn’t have charged me for the stones, which are greatly overpriced.

Anyways, my eyebrows and my nails are absolutely stunning and I will return to this place just because I love the work to be done, but clarify they you are not getting charged for things that you simply had no idea to begin with.

I also know my review seems a little on the “non-customer service-y” type, but ultimately, you will be pleased with the whole procedure (it was probably just the Groupon process). I know I will be back for my nails and the hair dresser that does hair for hair extensions is also really good. I saw the owners hair and loved it.

Now onto the good stuff!




My brows before:

During Application:
Morning After:
I’m on an angle, but I am impressed with the cleaned up brows & the shape.













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