#Review and News on #WowbyWojooh #MasterBlender!

Mini #Review on #WowByWojooh #MasterBlender:
I have stocked up these babies!! They are so awesome. I love anything that has to do with blending (I even got blenders on a stick! More on that later.)
I am still in the learning of contouring and highlighted with blending perfectly, but am fully stocked for a few months on these gorgeous pink sponges.

Did you say Master Blender?

Exclusively Available at Wojooh

Are you makeup obsessed? Someone who has every single tool or gadget when it comes to beauty? Can’t help but fall for all the latest beauty trends?

If that’s you, then you have to meet our new Master Blender – an absolute essential for any makeup kit!

The spongy, pink ball of goodness can be used for so many different things – we can’t get enough of it. Want to try something other than your regular foundation brush?

securedownload (7)

Why not try our Master Blender! Use the sponge to evenly apply your foundation on in a dabbing motion

(*tip: dabbing on your foundation instead of brushing it on leaves for much better coverage that lasts much longer!)

  securedownload (8) 

Dark circles under your eyes? Suffering from an uneven skin tone? Use the Master Blender to apply your concealer on, and get into those hard to reach corners.

(*tip: you can also use the tip of the blender with your concealer around the mouth when fixing your lipstick, to give the perfect lip line!)

Going for an intense eye look? Trying to create detail and drama into your eyes?

securedownload (9)

Use the tip of the Master Blender to create a sharp line on the outer corner of your eye with a dark eye shadow, to create depth to your look. (*tip: you can also use the tip of the blender with a light eye shadow and apply it on the bottom lash line, to add even more DRAMA to your eyes)


Now that we’ve spilt most of our little tips and tricks when it comes to the Master Blender – we want to let you in on one of our favorite ways to use it and that’s when we are contouring!

You might have seen it all over YouTube, or maybe you’ve heard  your makeup artist throwing the word around, but right now everyone is obsessing over the Kim Kardashian sculpted look, that we all thought was near impossible to reach! Contouring is a makeup secret essential to any beauty lover – creating the illusion of those strong cheekbones, a thinner nose or maybe even a slightly slimmer face all together, and it couldn’t be easier to create than with the Master Blender. A combination of highlighting and contouring, the Master Blender is the perfect way to blend in all the shades and shadows, for a flawless finish.

 Pass by any Wojooh store ASAP to pick up your Wow by Wojooh Master Blender!



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