#Review with @DubaiWellbeing #WellBeingMedicalCentre in #Dubai on #Laser for the skin!

A few days back, I was going to have the Red Carpet Trio at Wellbeing Medical Centre, although when I got there, the skin doctor analyzed my skin and recommended against a microdermabraison. My skin is too weak and I have way too many broken capillaries. (It’s in genes 😦 ) !


You all can read about the lovely treatment above, even a friend of mine did this treatment and her skin was absolutely glowing afterwards! It’s definitely a red carpet ready treatment!

So, instead of getting this service, I got DYE LASER for my broken capillaries and other issues.


It was highly recommended that I get this treatment instead. It’s for couperosis (which I have), rosacea, sebum oil balance/open pores, freckles/sun spots, pigmentation (which I have), melasma maintenance, and anti aging treatment (which I have). Sadly, I have sagging skin around my eyes, my skin lines are visible when I just make a normal face…all starting at the age of 27 😦 yes it is a sad thing! I just look & feel 10 years older than what I really am. A lot could be my past, too. Over-tanning, etc…

So, during this treatment, they put goggles on your eyes, cover them up for the bright light. The laser is so bright, that you can even see it with the goggles on. This treatment is painless, maybe tiny sharp pangs here and there, but it’s completely painless and super quick! The second you feel that tiny pang, it’s literally gone a millisecond later. The treatment only took about 15 minutes. I noticed right away that the red spots around my nose and chin were gone! I have a more clearer complexion than I did before and my skin just feels normal! Hard to explain when you have red spots and other visible nasty’s showing. It will take time to actually see a difference with the anti-aging part, but I already feel like my skin is younger, my pigmentation is next to invisible, I am sure it’s still there, but I can’t notice it all! The laser really worked wonders on my face! Although I can’t really see my capillaries, but my skin just looks 10x’s better! I feel less spot-y. I always had to put concealer on to make it an even tone…and right after my treatment, I felt confident to be outside without any face makeup on!

If you have any questions at all about these 2 treatments, please contact Wellbeing Medical Centre. I have gone for many services at this location, not just beauty related, and their service is just genuinely friendly. They have great staff there and you will feel like home. Give them a call at 04 348 4406


Wellbeing Medical Centre is modern villa in Jumeirah 3, next to Choithram Supermarket, and just a few minutes away from Interchange 3 on Sheikh Zayed Road.





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