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I had such an excellent time at Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa. Their location is super cute and the resort is like a mini city. We had to grab the cart shuttle to take us to our restaurant. The restaurant was Fish Bazaar and wow was it an experience! We got to choose our own fresh fish! Of course, I had to go for the Canadian lobster as a perfect touch for CanadianSassySally.com 😉

This is what it looked like as we walked in to choose our fresh seafood:


DSCN1871  DSCN1875  DSCN1877

I thought it was pretty neat to see the difference in these 2 lobsters. The left is Omani and the right is Canadian. Feel free to click on the photos for larger views.


DSCN1876 DSCN1879

As the chef prepared our meals, we could watch every step of how he created his master chef artistic touch!DSCN1880


Our view was outside and under that square light was a live band. This is by far the most romantic place we have ever eaten! DSCN1881

I have personally had many lobsters in Canada. It was a celebratory date every occasion with my husband to go have lobster…and none of them were ever this huge! I think the Middle East gets first dibs on our king lobsters! It was so juicy, so delicious that I ate that whole thing up…and some more! I couldn’t even walk after – I was completely stuffed!

The night ended with beautiful fireworks for UAE National Day. It was the perfect touch and perfect ending to our wedding anniversary! (which was the day before, hehe!)

-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
Absolutely 100% fantastic!! They offer HUGE lobsters – HUGE!!!

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
The bill was a bit pricey, but it was completely worth it. Either a night out with friends or a romantic evening with your husband, this is one place you should go with your partner!

The atmosphere was stunning, with ponds all around and a live band, it was literally a perfect fairy-tale night!

I have to salute Ramon. He was impeccable! He was funny, upbeat and really did an excellent job. The hostess & all the staff were very accommodating and completely generous with their service. A wonderful place that I will love to return to!

 -What to order:
100%, without a doubt, hands down, THE LOBSTER!! Canadian ones of course! haha
Additionally, I had a bite of my husbands fish and it literally melted in my mouth. It was perfection! Another salute to the king seafood chef!!

What I loved:
That you get to choose your own live seafood! It was super fun xo

I recommend this location for …
a night out with your friends, even a group to sit in front of the live band or just a simple romantic evening with your partner. It’s such a stunning location and it could be easily overlooked because it’s apart of a hotel.

 http://grandjumeirah.habtoorhotels.com/FishBazaar.html inside http://grandjumeirah.habtoorhotels.com/

Have a perfectly Sassy day everyone!




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