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Hair today gone tomorrow

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Easy and pain free way to get rid of unwanted hair at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

When it comes to laser hair removal, skin type, hair texture and colour matter a great deal. This is because for the laser to do its job well, the laser light has to be attracted to the melanin within the root of the hair, whereby it heats it up moderately until it is destroyed and you end up hair-free.

The current technology at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, which includes a US made laser system known as Candela -Gentle max laser and also happens to be the latest generation of its kind, one does not have to worry about his/her skin and hair type.

“This latest generation of Candela -Gentle max laser system that we are currently using has two lasers in one meaning two wavelengths,” says Olimpia Carmen, Head of Laser and Skin Treatments department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

She adds; “One is 755nm, for people with a lighter skin tone and all hair types and another is a 1064nm laser suitable for darker toned people who also possess all hair types (from course to vellus hair). With all these qualities, we can safely perform a laser hair removal procedure for all skin types and all hair types without a problem.”

For the laser hair removal treatment to work effectively and pain free, the individual also has to follow a few rules. “He/she should avoid sun exposure for two weeks before the treatment,” explains Olimpia.

The Candela -Gentle max laser has one of the highest safety track records with its surface cooling which uses a unique cryogenic cooling technique. “This guarantees that the person undergoing the treatment not only stays hair-free, but also burn-free,” she notes.

For one to achieve permanent hair reduction regardless of his/her skin or hair colour and texture, a minimum of six sessions is required with intervals of 6-10 weeks for a great outcome. “In order to maintain the hair-free look, one also has to get maintenance treatments done for another two to three years, every six to eight months.

Although the hair removal is permanent, Olimpia adds that in some cases up to 10% of the fine and light coloured vellus hairs might be left behind.

According to Olimpia, the Candela -Gentle max laser can be used anywhere on the body because of its multiple wavelengths. “An individual’s type of skin, hair and lifestyle enable me to choose the right laser wavelength for him or her, but at times I can change the wavelength or use both lasers on the same patient.”

The treatment takes anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour depending on the size of the area targeted. “After undergoing a laser hair removal treatment, try to stay out of direct sunlight for 24 hours. Also avoid tweezing or waxing because this might affect the intended results by encouraging hair to grow back.

For more information please contact:

Esther Mumbua

Public Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 00971 4 348 5575

GSM: 00971508495183

About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery aim is to stay in tune with the rapidly evolving world of aesthetic medicine by participating in international congresses as well as bringing experts on board from each continent of the world to share their unique expertise and knowledge. This allows us to inform and educate the public about the newest developments and technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine while offering the latest treatments, techniques, and technologies available in the world to our everyday clients.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has evolved into a complete aesthetic institute, offering the latest techniques and procedures for complete ‘head-to-toe’ aesthetic restoration, rejuvenation, and embellishment. Our team consists of World Renowned experts in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, and Laser & Skincare.

Location: Al Wasl Road, Umm Sequim (Al Manara area), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.




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