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I recently came across a new makeup brand and they are based in NY,USA. A little sad that it’s so far away, but hey…the good stuff is always harder to get!


KAY_6990-lg-left-376-x-468 Aneley Cosmetics was born when I got tired of compromising. As a beauty salon operator and makeup artist in Brooklyn, and the mother of toddlers, I spent years shopping for natural and organic foods, but failed to find cosmetic products that met my expectations. There were some safe and healthy products available, but they often didn’t work well enough to meet my standards. So, like any determined woman, I created my own lines of professional and natural makeup products.

Salon clients and their friends enjoyed the safety and health features of organic ingredients in products for face, lips, and eyes. The high pigmentation, effectiveness, and flexibility made the products popular and allowed the lines to expand with new products and colors.

My award-winning cosmetology work with makeup and hair started the process, and let me create new looks and engineer products that allow anyone to look their best for every occasion.

The Professional line contains no parabens and delivers long-lasting high-quality results. Professional products are perfect for extra-special occasions, whether applied by a makeup artist or on your own. Professional line products meet the high standards of close-up photography, high couture on fashion runways, and public appearances under stage lights. Whether you are starring in a stage show or your own wedding album, you can relax and look your best.

Natural line products absolutely zero chemicals, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or dyes. The natural line helps make workdays, weekends, and nights out beautiful and easy to manage with confidence. Face, cheeks, eyes and lips stay healthy and express their beauty and your personal style in perfect balance with nature.

Try my Aneley products and enjoy the confidence of looking and being your best. Meet a new, more powerful, beautiful you today and every day to come.

Welcome to the family, and thanks to everyone for their loyal and enthusiastic support.
(Click the above photo to be redirected to this BASIC ESSENTIALS KIT.)

Check out their recent articles in the media/press:




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