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I recently went to Peacock Restaurant in Dubai at Jumeirah Beach Resort and, boy, have I got some NEWS FOR YOU!


Firstly, we had some appetizers – Wonton Soup, Calamari & Dumplings…all so fabulous tongue tantalizing desirable…but wait…that’s not all…FotorCreated2

We order DUCK – both of us! We we’re feeling DUCK lol both cooked to PERFECTION with their handmade “bread” – not sure what the name is in Chinese..sorry!




Continuing from above, we had crispy beef, cashew/chicken dish and fried rice – wow.

I have been to Chinese restaurants before – but there is nothing like this restaurant. NOTHING. Believe me when I tell you this! I have been to many restaurants in Canada and here and I LOVE food…this….was 100% different…and 100% better than anything I have ever, ever tried. During my ordering, I asked the manager if there was any signature dish or something they can recommend that’s delicious – you want to know their words?
EVERYTHING. Order anything, you will love it all!



Our dessert choice were the icing on the cake…not just any regular icing – some finger licking, ridiculously tasty icing!

Firstly, the ginger ice cream is to die for! The fresh fruit is an added tough – mm blueberries! Last but not least, the apple fritter coated in sesame…something! You will see it in the menu, sorry, I totally forget the name. I had NO IDEA it was a “healthy version” of a CANDY APPLE! Mmmmm! I have been talking about this for DAYS to my friends and family. This is a cooked apple basically inside a caramel candy apple…OH MY GOSH…so good! I want it again…right now! 😛


-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
1 to 10, being the greatest? 15.
150% out of 100…it’s that good. I am not even joking! This is by far the best place I have EVER eaten. You MUST give it a try!

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
It’s the average rate you would expect for being in a hot hotel right in the core of Dubai.

It was quite when we went, but it’s a classy restaurant. I don’t think there is a dress code, or upbeat, but it’s for a relaxed classy crowd.

The service was great. I loved their attire, the cookery, the chef, the customer service.
The list goes on…when I tell you it’s 15/10 – I mean it!

 -What to order:
The dessert above. I’m sure there are even better dishes, but the ones I have tried. WOW. Definitely let the waitress offer you a surprise or suggestion, because their choices were even better than the ones we picked. They have a great eye (or tongue) for taste. You won’t be disappointed with their decision or anything that you order. It’s that great!

What I loved:
Everything. I am exaggerating. Everything was fantastic. Best restaurant in Dubai! Or should I say in Dubai & Canada!

I recommend this location for family, friends and all of the above! It’s an impeccable restaurant all ’round. You will be back after your first visit…without a doubt. 🙂

http://www.thepeacockdubai.com/ inside http://www.sheratonjumeirahbeach.com/

Have a perfectly Sassy day everyone!

P.S. My fortune cookie said that I was going to be asked to an exciting event…which seems dead on!



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