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Applebee’s is and always will be a very delicious place to stop by…even if it’s just with your friends, for some appy’s, multiple desserts and a good laugh. This month they created amazzzzinnggg burgers! When I say ‘amazing’, I mean, drop dead, can’t move, gotta eat the last bite, delicious, need more, finger licking good until the last bite…and stuffed you will be.

I would definitely return to this location, because I am currently in the area. The flavor is probably the best I have ever reviewed in my life. My husband LOVED it. It is now labelled his favorite burger of all time.

His Meal: Smokey Cheeseburger

My Meal: Texas Burger
Had to take a close up of my burger:
The buns to the toppings, the meat to the sauce was just an impeccable creation!! (There is a third choice for those of you who like Hawaiian style flavors: Hawaiian Burger.)

-How would you rate the taste of your meal:
Overall it was 100% satisfying, no negative flavors whatsoever. Although, I will have to upgrade it and say it’s more than 100%. These burgers are way to good to be unnoticed. You have to at least try it once! #SoYummy 😉

-Please rate your visit on value for the money:
The prices are normal/average. Someone of what you would expect a restaurant to be priced at, it’s actually cheaper considering it’s right on the water. Additionally, when the food comes to the table, it’s well worth any price. They plates are overflowing and the quantities are very generous…even the size of your drinks.

The restaurant was fun, upbeat and overall a great place for family and friends….a great place for a good laugh.

The service was great. The staff was super friendly. We even went off talking about something completely different, which shows their genuine customer services rolls.

 -What to order:
THESE NEW BURGERS for the month of November!

What I loved:
The unique flavoring in these new burgers – to die for! The dessert..omg! The drinks are so huge and soooo delicious with unique flavors, fresh and fun!

I highly recommend this location for a scrumptious tummy spoil-ation! Go with your hubby, he will love it, too 😉 Mine was so impressed that he had to write a review card:


Our drinks:
1503821_316769781862364_7399123336394980484_n 10686857_316769788529030_8691731340008367091_n

For more information, click here. Check out their Facebook page here.
Locations and more information:




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