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Window dressing for the eyes to enhance facial features

If you think you know everything about cosmetic surgery, wait until you hear about the latest “window dressing” for the eyes, which is now available at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery.

Dubai, UAE: Known as Eyebrow and Eyelash transplant, this latest trend is gaining a very large following, what with thicker and fuller eyebrows, and long eyelashes in vogue at the moment, and exhibited by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Keira Knightley and Lily Collins.

According to Anisa Vrabac, the Head of Hair Transplant Department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, Eyebrow/eyelash transplant procedures at the clinic use the latest technique of Hair Transplant – Stem Cell FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplant technique.

“Eyebrow/Eyelash transplant is a very meticulous process, which uses hair grafts from one’s own hair and implants them next to your thinning eyebrows/eyelashes. The hair grafts chosen for the procedure usually have a very fine structure and curvature of your original brows and lashes,” explains Ms Vrabac.

Depending on the amount of hair loss one has suffered on their eyebrows and eyelashes, says Ms Vrabac, this creates a basis on the number of follicles to be used. “Sometimes it can be as little as 30 hair follicles for the eyelashes, while at other times it can be as high as 50, and 100 follicles for the eyebrows.”

The harvested and implanted hair grows into permanent and healthy hair follicles, which end up as natural, flawless and full eyebrows/lashes.

Stem Cell FUE transplant is ideal for volume restoration, because it is minimally invasive and allows faster healing for the donor area as well as the recipient area. “This is because of the micro harvesting from the donor site, and implantation right next to the original hair, hence appearing very natural with high density,” states Vrabac.

Eyebrow/eyelash transplant relies on this technique to ensure zero failure rates, meaning that 100% of the implanted micro grafts are guaranteed to grow. This happens due to direct implantation of the harvested grafts.

Candidates for eyebrow/eyelash transplants include those who have thinning eyebrows/eyelashes due to over plucking, traction alopecia caused by overuse of fake lashes, accidents, burns, hereditary factors, chemotherapy, radiation and Trichotillomania (pulling out hair).

Recovery after an eyebrow/eyelash transplant can take up to a week. Since your new eyelashes or eyebrows have come from your head, they might grow longer than required, which means you might need to trim and curl them often.

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For more information/interviews please contact:

Esther Mumbua

Public Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 00971 4 348 5575

GSM: 00971508495183


About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The clinic’s aim is to stay in tune with the rapidly evolving world of aesthetic medicine by participating in international congresses as well as bringing experts from each continent of the world to share their unique expertise and knowledge. This allows us to educate the public about the newest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine while offering the latest treatments, techniques, and technologies available in the world to our everyday clients.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which has evolved into a complete aesthetic institute, offering the latest techniques and procedures for complete ‘head-to-toe’ aesthetic restoration, rejuvenation, and embellishment. Our team consists of World Renowned experts in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, and Laser & Skincare.

Location: Al Wasl Road, (Al-Manara, Umm Suqeim area), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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