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Laser therapy for stretch marks removal

Nobody likes stretch marks or ‘striae distensae’ as they are scientifically known. They are an unfortunate form of skin scarring that most of us cannot avoid. 

In layman’s language, stretch marks form as a result of stretching of the skin to a point where it breaks, creating small tears on the layers of the skin. This scarring disrupts collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin.

Women are more predisposed to stretch marks more than men, but this does not mean men are immune to these marks. This fact of life is associated more with pregnancy compared with other factors. In fact, 3 out of every four women who give birth end up with stretch marks. Other than pregnancy, stretch marks are caused also by hormonal changes, obesity, genetics, and weight change among others.

Since stretch marks affect both men and women, the areas prone to this common problem include the belly (after pregnancy), thighs, glutes, chest area, lower back and the upper part of the arms. But just because stretch marks are part of nature, that doesn’t mean you have to tolerate them. You can easily get rid of them at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Laser Therapy for stretch marks removal

Getting rid of stretch marks is not an easy process, especially if you rely on creams and exotic oils. But with the introduction of a more sophisticated method known as laser therapy, the results couldn’t be better and faster.

Laser stretch marks removal is an FDA approved method that significantly reduces the visibility of stretch marks, and as a result replaces them with a smooth, soft and better-looking skin.

How laser therapy works on stretch marks

During a laser stretch marks treatment session, the Laser and Skin Care specialist uses the laser device which produces short pulses of laser light to remove the skin surrounding the marks. This takes place after the laser light comes in contact with the skin’s sub-cutaneous layer and repairs the tissues close to the area.

The above process leads to the repair and healing of the damaged tissues (that were stretched beyond their limit) and as a result encourages the production of new collagen and elastin, which was destroyed during the over-stretching period. The end results include less visible stretch marks and smoother skin.

The treatment session does not take long; it actually depends on the size of the area to be treated, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour or more. The patient, depending on the severity of the stretch marks, will need between two and six sessions.

Laser stretch marks treatment does not have any considerable downtime. The patients who have undergone the procedure usually return to their normal duties almost immediately. On the other hand, some people have reported some form of discomfort while undergoing the procedure. But just like other procedures, each individual case is unique in own way.

Olimpia Carmen is the Head of Laser and Skin Care Department at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. She has more than 20 years of commitment to beauty, research and aesthetic innovation; and has become regionally recognized as a Specialist in the field of Aesthetics. For more information on the above, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. 

For more information please contact:

Esther Mumbua

Public Relations Coordinator

Telephone: 00971 4 348 5575

GSM: 00971508495183




About Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

The clinic’s aim is to stay in tune with the rapidly evolving world of aesthetic medicine by participating in international congresses as well as bringing experts from each continent of the world to share their unique expertise and knowledge. This allows us to educate the public about the newest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine while offering the latest treatments, techniques, and technologies available in the world to our everyday clients.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Clinic which has evolved into a complete aesthetic institute, offering the latest techniques and procedures for complete ‘head-to-toe’ aesthetic restoration, rejuvenation, and embellishment. Our team consists of World Renowned experts in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, and Laser & Skincare.

Location: Al Wasl Road, (Al-Manara, Umm Suqeim area), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



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