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Yesterday, I got to try the Exfoliating Cleanser & Mask by Murad Skincare.
I must say, I am impressed after one wash/mask!
My skin was beautifully soft. I almost want to use it every day!
But you only need to use this cleanser twice a week and the mask once a week.
I was under the impression, for some reason, that the exfoliating mask would have a peeling effect,
but it didn’t. It was just a cool gel that was almost a cooling effect on my face. It’s a wonder how ingredients work!
It was a fast and easy process and my skin was so soft afterwards..
I was a bit nervous to use this, as I use a daily scrub, but honestly it was such an
amazing product that I almost want to use it every day!
But, I won’t…

Did you know?

AHA /BHA Cleanser

Smoothes texture while cleansing impurities with a trio of gentle exfoliating acids. Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids provide clarity, brightness and improve cell-turnover by dissolving dead skin cell buildup. Jojoba beads further polish and smooth skin.

This is a skin cleanser that takes exfoliation seriously! Not one, not two, but three different gently exfoliating acids work together to smooth the texture of your skin and reveal younger, healthier and more beautiful skin. Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids are the magic three, and the journey to beautiful skin is enhanced by the inclusion of Jojoba beads. Whether your skin care needs are for acne prone skin and your exfoliation need is to remove dead skin cells that can potentially clog pores, or whether you’re looking for a anti aging skin treatment that will exfoliate to the younger skin below, this is the exfoliating skin cleanser that you’ve been searching for.

 Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask

This weekly treatment frees skin of dull, dry surface cells to restore brightness and smooth texture while Pomegranate Extract provides powerful antioxidant protection.

An ideal skin care product for personal use or to give as a gift. Particularly for those with combination skin, this exfoliating mask is rich in anti oxidants to restore and rebalance skin. Use it following your favorite skin cleanser to dissolve away tired skin cells to reveal the fresher skin beneath. Whether your daily routine involves an acne treatment or an anti aging regime, this mask is a perfect way to enhance any skin care program. Murad’s pomegranate exfoliating mask has been featured in Lucky, Shape, Fitness, WebMd Magazine and Whole Living. Don’t just read about why this mask is amazing at ensuring that you have beautiful skin at all times. Try it for yourself and start your journey to perfect skin. You’ll experience softer, more radiant skin in just one use.



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