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Looshi’s in one super yummified spot that is tucked away in JLT. You really need to just go to Jumeirah Lake Towers to see all the nice lil shops that are hidden on the water there. Looshi’s is one of them – YUM!

10653371_302240479981961_558673813072573851_n  10703520_302240853315257_393439348483878102_n

With many different things to choose from…you can’t just choose one! Macaroons were on the top of my list though 😛


You can find absolutely anything at Looshi’s! They have such a large selection. I am shocked this shop is a bit hidden..

it should be out in the open for everyone to see. Make your way on down there. You will be glad you did!



Yummy macaroons, juicy donuts and cream pies! (Don’t mind the orange one, it kind of got messed up from walking around JLT.)

10703561_302241086648567_5839572367828393892_n 10414642_302241156648560_8285225052596032038_n

A big thank you to Looshi’s right on the water in Jumeirah Lake Towers!



You can find them at cluster Y at the bottom just hidden around the corner. You can also give them a call at 04 277 6190. These treats are so classy and unique that they would be great for work functions (meetings) and even parties – they are that gooood! Give them a call today – YUM!!!



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