New #Lush Sun Care Range


Our new range of sun care products go above and beyond. As with all our skincare, we’ve used the most beautiful natural ingredients that will benefit your body – with the additional benefit that these products are also made with industry-standard synthetic  sunscreens,  giving  them the added benefit of both SPF’s (sun protection factors) and UVAPF’s (UVA protection factors).

Nutritious Ingredients

We’ve got thirty years of experience in using natural ingredients for their benefit to the skin. Because of our expertise, we have the confidence to be able to give our customersconsultations about all of our skin care products. Our new range pioneers the use of sunscreens in cosmetics, and we’ve also found that nature is giving us the solutions. Bymixing safe synthetic sunscreens with beneficial natural ingredients; not only is our new sun care range full of beautiful and nourishing ingredients for your skin, but they willalso help to protect you from the sun. Calamine powder is rich in zinc oxide, which is already used as a sunscreen in many cosmetic products, whilst ingredients like sesame oil and olibanum oil actually help boost the protective power of the three broad-spectrum sunscreens we use.

Non-Animal Tested

The synthetic sunscreens we have used have a long history of safe use and are industry standard. We know that the ones we use are safe in the quantities we’ve used them, and all our products are tested on human volunteers, at Cantor labs, New Jersey, USA. This is a non-animal testing lab run by vegetarian scientist Doctor Shyla Cantor. The SPF’s and UVAPF’s are determined by exposing a small patch of the person’s skin to broad-spectrum UV light whilst wearing the product. The results are measured and this then gives us the SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

& the UVAPF.


The recommended amount for you to use of each product is 2mg for every square centimetre of skin. This will ensure that you are covered and protected for two hours, andthat you are receiving the product’s full protective capacity. Re-application is really important, you must apply every two hours.

Sunscreens are a must if you want to protect your skin whilst you’re out in the sun. Everyone’s skin is different and paler skins are more sensitive to sunlight, so even if you’re wearing sunscreen you might still be susceptible to the damage that UVA and UVB rays can inflict on the skin. In order to stay safe, you just need to take some care, and think about your skin. UV rays can be really harmful, and sometimes the damage isn’t something you’ll notice straight away. It only takes a few simple precautions to enjoy the sun and keep your skin healthy and happy.


Sesame Suntan Lotion

SPF 10 Low

Tan and protect

This is a light and sumptuous lotion with fresh ingredients that will protect your skin from the sun, whilst keeping it moisturised and soft. We’ve put in sesame oil and a walnut leaf infusion to help increase the skin’s melanin production – its natural reaction to sun exposure – which means it will actually help you to tan! Three broad-spectrum sunscreens ensure that your skin stays protected (as well as smelling irresistible), while Fair Trade Organic Colombian cocoa butter and aloe extract will soothe and nourish.

Before LUSH began, Mark Constantine OBE created this product for The Body Shop. It has now been reformulated into a brand new version.

AED 85 /per 100g    AED 160 /per 250g

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Lifesaver Sunscreen Cream

SPF 30 High

A true oasis for the skin … a refreshing, replenishing and moisturising lotion with beautiful ingredients and protective sunscreens.

This calming calamine cream is rich and moisturising. Made with calamine powder, a type of clay, which naturally protects the skin from UV rays and all three broad-spectrum sunscreens for effective protection.

There’s also soothing ingredients such as avocado and rosehip oils to replenish the skin; while the mint and eucalyptus infusion refreshes and cools. For added moisture there is shea, murumuru and cocoa butters to help keep the skin soft and safe from the sun.

Remember to top up every two hours if you want to maintain optimum protection, this rich lotion feels extremely cooling and nourishing on your skin; it’s a real lifesaver!

How to use: scoop out a reasonable amount and smooth evenly onto the skin like a moisturiser, making sure you cover every inch of you that will be exposed to the sun.

AED 160 /per 50g    AED 275 /per 100g


The Sunblock solid sunscreen wash

SPF 30 High

Shower on your sun protection!

A solid, wash-on sun protection with soothing calamine powder, that’s naturally rich in zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is used as a broad-spectrum natural sunscreen. This, alongside the synthetic sunscreens, offers high protection from UV rays.

Sunblock is also packed with sesame oil to help boost the effectiveness of the sunscreens and to nourish the skin; chamomile blue oil adds to the soothing qualities of this bar; while rose absolute calms and heals, leaving a delicate floral note on the skin. Also in the mix is cocoa butter which allows the bar to be massaged easily into the skin. As the butter melts, it helps to carry the sunscreens onto the skin.

How to use: One third of this bar will be enough to protect your whole body, simply glide the bar over damp skin in the bath or shower, rinse off and gently pat your skin dry with a towel.

AED 100 /per 100g


Million Dollar Moisturiser

SPF 30 High

Premium face protection

Look and feel like a million dollars with this new bionic facial moisturiser. Its uplifting fragrance, protective sunscreens and subtly pigment will leave you with a healthy, natural glow.

We’ve spared no expense in making this. It contains protective sunscreens and an array of beautiful ingredients. Sesame oil helps to refract the sunlight, whilst the synthetic sunscreens build up the SP and UVPF.

There’s also evening primrose oil to balance and restore the skin; shea butter and jojoba oil to soften; honey and lavender oil to keep your complexion smooth and soft and a soothing milk made from ground almonds, sesame seeds and oatmeal to soothe and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and plump. We’ve even blended in a pinch of Feeling Younger, containing ‘magic orange’ pigment, which works as a reflector

on the skin, to leave you with a subtle, healthy glow.

AED 360 /per 45g


To purchase these and many more visit LUSH shops nationwide now. For shop details and LUSH Online please visit       



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