Last day of #Detox / #JuiceCleanse Amazed by the results! #KickItWithCoffeeKix #Slimpro #AfricanMangoDiet

I have got to say how shocked I am. I seriously lost a lot of weight these past couple months..and it came off quickly too!



Firstly, I am not sticking out my stomach in the above photo. I was literally bloated and my arms and thighs we thunderous..but I won’t be posting them.

I started off with the Slimpro diet. This African Mango Diet works. The first week, I didn’t change anything in my diet – but the cleanse worked wonders. I continued on with the drops and unfortunately I abused the usage, so I had to purchase a second bottle. ( Just a warning, don’t overuse 😉 ) Then I ended with the maintain. That kept me steady on my weight. Overall, I lost about 6 kg. The reason why it’s low, is because I sit all day long, I don’t exercise and I eat. Yes, I love to eat.

Secondly, I started to take green coffee (Coffee Kix). I am currently on it and saw results right away. My fat on my body is loosing up and I visibly see results. I have been using it for over a month. I have replaced it with my regular coffee and have now ordered 6 more boxes. I am not entirely sure how much I have lost..but you can definitely tell that I am getting thinner…visibly.

Lastly, I just did my 3 day cleanse and I dropped MEGA weight! I was full of natural energy. I was clean of garbage in my toxins and I just felt so good drinking cucumbers, greens and fruit. For these 3 days, I didn’t have anything but the juices. I didn’t have salt, sugar, carbs and well..even protein. I just lived off of green tea, lots of water and my healthy homemade blended drinks. My husband even said I lost a lot and that wasn’t even my intention! I actually was feeling thick, and unhealthy and just wanted to do a full body cleanse. I was on probiotics, vitamins and of course my pure greens JUST for 3 days – 3 kilos.


Slimpro tells us users that you can do this without exercise and yes that is true. The owner in Australia also mentions that you can tone up AFTER your diet. Which that is something I plan to do…with my husband. Since he has been hitting the gym for quite some time and showing off his muscalllls to me 😉

Overall, I am extremely satisfied. It’s not like I have been going steady without food…no…I have cheat days and I stuff my face with take out. Don’t get me wrong! Yesterday was my cheat day. I ordered twice haha but using  green coffee (Coffee Kix), it really has burned, stopped and blocked new fat from starting and it definitely working off my old flabby bits n pieces.

As for my detox liquid cleanse…I think I will be doing that more often, because I love to eat and take-out has my name written all over it…and sadly we do it more than 5 times a week. I know! That’s horrid lol But, my mind is set on cleaning my body, rather than doing it for weight loss. Which might help in the long run. Oh and by the way, doing a veggie / fruit cleanse for 3 days does NOT cost a lot. The only things that might be a bit pricey are the blueberries and avocadoes. But you seriously need to add those to your detox cleanse.

Anywho, take it from me…everyone could benefit from at least a 3 days cleanse. I know I did!





About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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