#Review to come! #TrueKeratin plus a pack of samples for one winner!




I just received True Keratin samples packs last week and I can’t wait to try them out!
I for a bunch so, yes, I am giving out to one winner of the full range of samples. 😀

First there is the shampoo and the conditioner:


-It’s sulfate-free with aloe and keratin
-It effectively removes dirt and oil drastically enhancing the shine while delivering a smooth silky feel to all types of hair.
-Of course, these shampoos/conditioners make your keratin treatment last longer, but it’s also really great on it’s own.

-A special blend of Aloe Vera and keratin protein that repairs, protects, strengthens and nourishes hair
and of course making is smooth, shiny and straight 🙂


Next pieces are shampoo and conditioner, but the difference is that they are a “Morrocan Miracle”
and it’s for color-treated hair.


Then there is hair serum below contains Argan Oil.


I can’t wait to try these babies out and let you know what’s it’s all about!
Now, who wants to a mini hamper of each sample above? All you have to do is:
Like Al Onwan Cosmetics on Facebook
Like True Keratin UAE on Facebook
Like “Giveaways Galore with Sassy Sally

Then comment below that you want it!!
I will write my review soon xox





About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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12 Responses to #Review to come! #TrueKeratin plus a pack of samples for one winner!

  1. Selma Romola says:

    I want it.

  2. Sukaina Ali says:

    Sounds lovely. .wd love to try it!

  3. sanamgambhir says:

    I sooooooooooo wanna win this awesome giveaway 💗

  4. felicity says:

    Oo I want to win !!

  5. Sana Pervaiz says:

    I want it

  6. Insiya says:

    Would love to have! 🙂

  7. Leena Abdul says:

    I want it because I am waiting for a miracle for my hair!

  8. Neeta Rajwani says:

    I want it

  9. Shilpa Jain says:

    I want it.I want it.I want it.I want it.I want it.

  10. anuradha karunakaran says:

    wish to win

  11. Shilpa Jain says:

    i want ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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