Back Pain or Poor Posture? This is for you.

How to Straighten Your Upper Back

Keeping a straight back is a key ingredient in the battle against neck and back pain, and proper posture can save you the misery of sports injuries. If you’re exhausted or achey, though, the temptation to hunch your back can be overwhelming. Although hunching your back causes more pain, it’s also easier than sitting up straight if you have weak muscles, so you’ll need to train your body to straighten your upper back. I, sadly, am carrying a large load on me (you know what I am talking about ladies – it’s “H”!). Especially, with this weight gain in UAE and the fact that I sit at a computer 7 days a week. My back has become more hunch than you could ever imagine! My muscles have also grown extremely weak and heading to the gym is just next to impossible right now! I know, I always try to motivate myself with writing out posts on how to stay active and healthy, but the honest to God truth is…I need to READ my OWN POSTS, rather than preach it. Anyways, I have had back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain for over a month now. I am sitting at a desk, with a great chair, but the desk hits to about, below my rib cage, so I am always leaning over or leaning on my one arm rest. Here are some things I found on the web that will help me and anyone else sitting at a desk for long hours.

*   *   *

1 – Practice good posture when you’re working by adding a back support to your chair. These supports make it easier for you to maintain proper posture by making it more comfortable to sit up straight and providing extra cushioning for your back. Your chair will need to be relatively high-backed for a chair support to be effective.
–I have a pretty great chair, it was expensive, but when I lean back, it goes back, so I have been trying to sit up straight with my own strength and that doesn’t always work out. —

2 – Massage your back and shoulders. The temptation to slouch can be due to tension in the back, and regular massage can help eliminate this tension. Focus on locating muscle knots, then putting pressure on them to help loosen them up. When you encounter a knot, massage only in one direction; try using a massage cane to avoid hurting your hands. A good massage should hurt, and it may cause pain to radiate to your head, hips or other areas of your body. It should not, however, be unbearable or cause tingling or numbness.
–I do this as often as possible, cause right now, I am just a ball of knots.– 😦

3 – Treat good posture as an exercise, practicing straightening your back for 15 minutes at a time several times a day. As your muscles get used to this position, it will become easier to maintain for longer periods of time. A chair that is set at the proper height will make your legs and hips more comfortable, reducing the temptation to slouch. Don’t get a desk that’s too low, as this can make slouching almost inevitable.try to this is as often as possible.–
–This has become a challenge, but I see it’s effects in the long run will be great. Sitting up straight with great posture gives me pain in my mid-back. But, I will try to do this as often as I can.–

4 – Strengthen your shoulder blades by straightening your spine, then pushing your shoulder blades together, as if you’re trying to grip a ball with your shoulders. Then push your shoulder blades together and down. Hold each position for 10 seconds, and repeat three to five times. Next, roll your shoulders forward and then backward to loosen them up.
–This felt really great to do and am going to make this a daily routine for me.–

5 – Try a stretching-based body-weight exercise routine, such as yoga or Pilates, which can help loosen up tense muscles and reduce your risk of bad posture. Yoga poses such as Child’s pose, Warrior pose and Lizard pose are particularly effective at loosening up tense muscles and helping you gain the strength you need to maintain proper posture.

Child’s Pose below:


Warrior below:

Lizard Pose below:


These poses help with strengthening your back, so if you’re a desk junkie (like I have sadly turned into)
these poses and desk workouts, will surely help you.

Lots of love,



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  1. neenz87 says:

    Definitely needed this!.. Nice post Sal!

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