Review – Al Nassma Camel Chocoalate


Al Nassma Chocolate

Dubai: 04 333 8183

 You can purchase these chocolate at all main airports in UAE.

The Dubai Mall

At the Top

The Majlis Dubai- first & finest camel milk café

Made from the exclusive & traditional product camel milk and finest ingredients like genuine Bourbon vanilla and pure cocoa butter, Al nassma camel milk chocolates symbolize the discerning taste of the Arabian world and a unique and halal quality product. Al nassma represents the refined elegance and luxury of Arabia.


This pack of 5 costs AED 145 and in the pack came: Cocoa 70%, Arabia, Dates, Macadamia-Orange and Whole Milk

Firstly I tested out Arabia. This chocolate MELTED in my mouth. The flavor was a spicy chocolate and definitely intended for a rich tongue.

Secondly I tested out Dates. This one was definitely yummy and will probably be my favorite out of all the flavors. The dates kind of reminded me of a nutty texture, but was super delish.

3rd I ate the Macadamia-Orange one. Now I was never really a fan of this orange flavor growing up, but as I am older I kind of like it!
Plus, the nuts help a little, too. This one is not too orange-y and just the right touch. Mmmm YUM!

4th bar I ate the 70% Cocoa one. I recommend to not take a bite after a milk chocolate one LOL
However, if you enjoy it at a separate time, it’s super yummy…if you love dark chocolate.

Lastly I had a bite of the Milk Chocolate bar and, boy, was that YUM! Secret indulgences that whip you off to another land!

These chocolate bars just MELT in your mouth…

I didn’t try them all at once, but some I pretty much did hehe
I am on a Chocolate overdose and am taking a break for a few days 😛

*   *   *

Did you know they have a sister company called The Majlis – first ever camel milk café with Camelatte’s or Camelccino’s!
Can’t wait to go!!
One more awesome piece of news :DThere will be 3 winners of chocolate bags! In each bag there will be the chocolate bars (the pack I reviewed above) worth AED145 and a 9 piece praline box worth AED79 AND a small soccer ball, special edition for the FIFA world cup, priceless since it is a limited edition!
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Have a great weekend everyone!

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I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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One Response to Review – Al Nassma Camel Chocoalate

  1. Sassy Sally says:

    Reblogged this on Sincerely, Sassy and commented:

    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to send a little note out: Yesterday I had a typo that was supposed to say “I ate..”, but mistakenly I wrote “I hate..”
    I totally do not hate these chocolates at all, they are sooo yum and they just melt in your mouth. You will LOVE xx

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