Day 1 of my Journey with Bioderma

Tonight I used the Sensibio, liquid makeup cleanser. Most of you know this product as it was in the last Glambox.
Then I used the Sebium Gel Moussant (gel cleanser) and it felt reeeally good to use, cool and refreshing.
Thirdly, I used the Sebium Masque for 5 minutes then washed/massaged it off.
(I used a toner in between, different brand.)
Then I used the Sebium Global. This is for intensive purifying care for acne-prone skin, which eliminates spots and blackheads.

I notice that I only get pimple-like (but not pimples), swollen pores often. So, I have come to a conclusion that I might not even have acne,
but rather large pores and if I am not cleaning properly, they get dirty and pimple-like.
I know I shouldn’t pop, but to be honest, this type of skincare I have kind of needs to be! Because it’s included with a blackhead…
OK, I know this is totally gross to talk about, but I need to talk about it, because, who knows, maybe someone out there might suffer from the same thing…I have red spots, swollen pores and I am a freak when it comes to cleaning! I have been checked by my dermatologist under their machines and UV lamps and she told me she was even impressed by how clean my pore are…so really…I have no idea what type of skin problem I have, but what I do know, is that I do get random flare ups, and this new “oily” skin I have, is most likely because of this Dubai heat.

Anywho, the Sebium Global, felt a bit sticky at first, but as time goes on, it’s starting to feel..clean and normal.

 Image 495089927709 sebium_masque_big sebium-global-bioderma-L-kp63FQ

Click on the pictures above for larger views.

Wish me luck!



About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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