Review of Glamorous Penguins!

Hey everyone,

I have exciting news.

Fashion statements don’t always have to be expensive. You CAN look amazing on a dime! ( A dime is a 10 cent coin in Canada. It’s just a saying. Maybe I shouldv’e said, “You CAN look AMAZING on a fil or dirham!” 😛 )

Glamorous Penguins holds jewelry for approx 20 dirhams. Yes, I said it! Now anyone can look as fancy as a celebrity without spending thousands of dirhams. I have a few pieces here myself that I just adore. Especially the ring. I wear that often!
1185899_153441808195163_70405738_n My ‘top finger’ ring. Here’s a better picture:1012325_502524786486006_1034689056_n-Yasmine from Glamorous Penguins wearing the same ring!

photo 3My Ring/Bracelet chain.
557430_153545874851423_1060585773_nMy earrings and necklace set.

Glamorous Penguins has beautiful jewelry that won’t put a damper on your wallet. You can check out their facebook page by clicking on their name or simply go to their website to find out more about them.

Glamorous Penguins has anything from jewelry to even exclusive cufflinks! My fav are the BMW ones 😀
Click here to see a full picture folder on their cufflinks. AND they cam make CUSTOMIZED CUFFLINKS!!! Your name can be imprinted on them xo

Guess what!? I have an amazing jewelry giveaway  in the next post! Stay tuned….

Love Sassy Sally at Giveaways Galore and Yasmine and Ally Alm from Glamorous Penguins!


About Sassy Sally

I am a Canadian living in Sharjah. I am a beauty & food blogger. Expect a lot of giveaways - because I just love to give!
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8 Responses to Review of Glamorous Penguins!

  1. Laura says:

    I love the fine jewelry, it’s a must for every Lady! The accessories you’ve chosen are so elegant!

  2. Aljalillah says:

    These accessories look so stylish and elegant! These are every Ladies’ must-have little charms that can create a very feminine look in any occasions! Going to check the page now!

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  4. Shilpa Jain says:

    lovely rings.

  5. sadia azmat says:

    lovely collection I must say ❤

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