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August 12, 2013
Lately, I have been caring about what goes into my body as I am getting older. I am not a fan of KFC (althought I never was. In Canada the skin is soggy and greasy). I have a new found healthy, but ridiculously tasty homemade veggie soups addiction. My latest concoction was leek, sweet potato soup, which is absolutely fabulous and sooo delicious! Even after reheating the soup the second or third day it turns into a thick sauce, somewhat like the delicious, yet fatty curries I was addicted to from Royale Spice Restaurant, although it’s a healthier version! Anyways, here’s my latest creation:
Sweet Potatoes <2-3 large>
(Yellow! I can’t stand going to the grocer and looking for yellow and when I get home it’s white!
They are so totally different and really hard to distinguish the two.)
Leeks <2>
Onion <yellow, large>
Celery <2-4 sticks>
Chicken Stock <can’t find low fat anywhere>
Cayenne Pepper
Olive Oil
Very little Salt and Pepper>

Fry the chopped leeks, onion and celery in olive oil, wait until soft and aromatic.
Add about 1 litre of water, the chicken stock cube, the spices and bring to a boil, whiling mixing everything.
Let simmer for about an hour.

See that wasn’t so bad, was it?
On the 3rd day, it became thick. So, I ate it with idle.


<<My Last Recipe from my Book>>

My husbands ultimate favorite pasta dish that makes our taste buds do the Macarena in our mouths!

Now living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I could not find my original brands. However, we have found similar jars, but nothing will ever compare to our Classico!

What you will need:

One bottle of the small CLASSICO brand of pesto (do not use any other brand, we’ve tried them all-nothing compares to Classico), small container of sun dried tomatoes in olive oil (you can use dry, but it’s not the same), mushrooms, chili flakes, cut up chicken breast, (From being in Dubai, I have added chopped onions to this dish as well).



Fry chicken, with sun dried tomatoes (if you are using the jarred one) if you are using the dry ones, use a little olive oil to fry the chicken and sun dried tomatoes, then fry until chicken is cooked. Add chopped up mushrooms then add bottle of sauce, let simmer with red chili flakes.

Boil some pasta to go with. You can omit the sun dried tomatoes, but not using them definitely leaves out a huge part of the flavor that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. My husband says this dish was my absolute champion of creations, even though this is a jarred containered recipe :P. We have this dish often and now my mother in law asks for it all the time! 😀 BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS, you DO NOT need to add any other spices, salt or pepper. The flavor of the Pesto and the Sundried Tomatoes are amazing enough. You have never tried pesto/sun dried tomatoes before if you are not addicted to it! It’s that YUMMY and good for you, too!

Unfortunately, we are unable to find Classico in the UAE.

I’m currently on new adventures of different types of food from living here, from Indian dishes to Middle Eastern foods.




5 Responses to Sassy Meals

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  3. Perla L. says:

    Thanks for this great recipe !

  4. stephi says:

    Any idea where we can find sun dried tomatos in the UAE? been looking in AD but no luck 😦

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