DIY Brow Bar


I give a complete shoutout to @Viva_Glam_Kay on Instagram who not only has amazing eyebrows, but has taught me to do it myself! I have ALWAYS had horrible brows, but since I saw her vids I am now able to make decent looking ones WITH the arch I’ve always wanted! Although I am still working on symmetrical-ism, she has by far helped me a tremendous amount! Thanks girl you’re a lifesaver


Click on her pictures for a better view.

b2  b3    b7



OR! You can get Brittany K’s look by following the steps here:

(Pictorial Below.)

1. Use a brow wax or brow primer.

2. Apply the wax or primer to your brows.

3. Brush out your brows.

4. Use the darker brow powder.

5. Draw a line under the brow. Stop a little bit more then halfway of the brow.

6. Draw the second line on the top of the brow. This creates an easy guideline.

7. Fill in your brows.

8. Use the lighter brow powder.

9. Continue the lines on the top and bottom. Make sure at the end, the color is faded out a little.

10. Fill in your brows.

11. Use the brow brush to help emphasize the fade and to reshape your brow hairs.

12. Use a concealer the same shade as your skin tone.

13. Using the round angle brush, conceal outside the top and bottom of your brows only. This will clean up any imperfections and make the brow look more sharp.

14. Use either foundation powder or a translucent powder.

15. Using the round shadow brush and your powder, set the concealer.




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