Ask Sally

In the past, I gave a helping hand to a ‘free’ newspaper in Canada and had my own mini article that was called “Ask Sally”. It was very tiny and was not very beneficial for me, but the thought of helping others really gave me a sense of humanity. I love helping others to the best of my ability. I can give you the best advice on anything, whether it be family, work, relationships, girl problems, school problems or anything life related. Believe me when I tell you this, I have been through it all. Some has been tucked far and deep into that closet, but whatever it was, I have become the woman I am today. That being said, if you need advice or a little help on everyday life, I will answer you from the bottom of my heart. I love to write, I love to help and I love to guide people in the right direction in life. If you feel stuck on something or you feel you have reached rock bottom, send me an email to:

I will NEVER publish ANYTHING with your name attached, I will always write it anonymously. When you do send me an email, I respond though my blog, with your question attached. Your name is 100% undisclosed. If you are still wary on sending me an email, you are more than welcome to send it from a new email account. I will never divulge your name or have anything get back to you. I am here, as your friend, 100%.

Please follow my blog on the right hand side by entering your email address and confirming in your emails. This is the only way for you to read my response. The best part is, I do product reviews, giveaways – TONS of giveaways 😉 and other fun things. So, it’s not going to always be “advice” emails.

Keep your head up and remember, there are people out there that care.

P.S. You can also email if if you have any questions not regarding this type of topic either. I am here for any of my followers ♥ even if it’s questions regarding beauty or nails! You all know I am a Nail Technician. So, anything goes. The ball is in your court. 🙂



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